My Top 10 Favourite Blogs!

I've been building myfitlittlefoodie's blog for a year now, and I could not be more thrilled to be spending my time creating such a positive and fulfilling project! I love what I do, and I really believe that passion is one of the most powerful driving forces you will ever experience. Along with my desire to live a healthy lifestyle, I've also found inspiration in the words and creativity of fellow bloggers. I'm so lucky to be able to share my world with like minded individuals, and I'm so grateful that these women have created a community worth sharing! Here are 10 of my favourite health food bloggers (in no particular order). 

1. Shut the Kale Up 

Jeannette Ogden is one badass blogger. She is constantly preaching the importance of consuming REAL food. Her Instagram stories often feature health food products, thick af smoothies, hardcore workouts at the gym, and of course, her Bub (aka Elliot aka the cutest little boy). Jeannette keeps the positivity UP. This girl is always so responsive and appreciative of her followers. Check out Shutthekaleup on Instagram and on the blog!

2. Kate Fruit Flowers

Kate Fruit Flowers seems to do it all! This girl uploads weekly youtube videos, creates vegan merchandise, and will fill your Insta feed with all the positive vibes. As a vegan/raw vegan, Kate continues to share the ins and outs of her experience with veganism, along with her partner Mae (see below). Check out her uplifting and inspiring story! Kate's IG here; website here

3. The Plant Philosophy 

If you're looking for vegan foodinspo, look no further! Margaret Chapman was one of the first women to really inspire me with her creativity in the kitchen. This girl has such a keen eye for food photography. I love all the behind the scenes updates she gives us on her Instagram feed. It really propelled me in some of my more recent blogging techniques. Check out Margaret's blog and IG!

4. Constancelyeating

It really seems like this girl is ALWAYS busy! Between completing her masters in nutrition, staying fit, and volunteering her time, Connie still finds time to share her day with us. I always look forward to her IG stories, even if half the time she is running from one thing to the next! In a way, she inspires me to fill my day with productivity too! Check her out on IG and her blog

5. So Beautifully Real 

This girl has food photography DOWN! I swear to you, I fan girl over her photos ALWAYS! I must have shown my friends this IG account toooooo many times to count. Sam mostly features her absolutely stunning vegan cakes, but honestly, there doesn't seem to be anything she can't make pretty. With a new cookbook coming out (just around the corner), you can check out Sam's creations on IG or on her website!

6. The Vegan Sparrow

A young but absolutely lovely vegan food blogger; Jenna is so endearing! Her quirky personality definitely shines, from her passion for raw food to her acoustic guitar covers, this girl has such an amazing outlook on life. Check her out on Insta and/or her blog!

7. Lee From America

I haven't been following Lee for very long, but she has really grown on me quickly! Her love for food and exercise inspires me to really utilize my creativity in building a career. Lee sets an amazing example of a life lived well! Check her out on her website and IG!

8. Lulus Dreamtown 

Typically known for her brightly coloured smoothie bowls, Lulu definitely adds personality to the world of Instagram! Her food photography will WOW you! And her dance moves are pretty great too! I always look forward to her collaborations and studio work! Check out Lulu on IG here!

9. Mae Fruit Flowers

You can find Mae on Instagram, where she shares her love for vegan food, music, and home life. Along with her partner Kate, Mae creates and sells vegan merch! As well as shares her stories through her youtube channel; anywhere from raw food, to coming out, to her musical pursuits. Mae and Kate's relationship surrounding love and healthy living is a truly inspiring one! Check out Mae on IG and Youtube here!

10. Caitlin Foulds

This girl makes food look GOOD! If you're lucky, you'll catch glimpses of Caitlin remarkably good looking packed lunches and bits and pieces of her regular lifting routine at the gym. Caitlin was also one of my earlier IG inspos for food photography, and you can see why! Check her IG here!