Kaffi Vinyl; A Reykjavik Vegan Hotspot

One of my first thoughts about travelling to Iceland was; "what the heck am I going to eat?" Anyone with dietary restrictions understands a lifestyle of adaptations, which more often than not, can make for a tricky vacation. Luckily for me, Iceland offered much more than I had anticipated! One of my favourite meals dining out was at a little cafe in downtown Reykjavik called Kaffi Vinyl. In a city which traditionally enjoys lamb, fish, dairy, and fermented meats, this all vegan hotspot was the first of it's kind. With a large online presence, top reviews in Icelandic travel magazines, and a booming increase in tourism, I have no doubts that this hidden gem will become a major go to restaurant!


Kaffi Vinyl definitely has that cozy hipster living room atmosphere, with colourful pillows scattered over chairs, plants hanging from the ceiling, and records pinned on the walls and stacked in old milk crates. A mix of indie, classic, and modern music spin from a record player, accompanied by the option to choose your own music to play or buy. The room is filled with natural light, as well as a few candles here and there to add to that comforting feeling. 

Food & Drink

Now onto the good stuff! The food here is fantastic! I asked for the most popular menu item, and I was not the least bit surprised after just one bite! This baked cashew cheese lasagna was so delicious, I could have eaten it 10 times over! Pistachios and cashews were mixed into the garden salad with a light balsamic dressing, which was just what I needed give me that fresh greens feeling during my travels. To top it off my meal was served with garlic bread and a fresh olive tapenade! YUM! Looking around the room I noticed a large variety of happy guests, all indulging in Reykjavik's finest. If it weren't for being my last day in town, I definitely would have ventured back! Aside from the wide variety of menu favourites, and daily specials, this lovely little joint also offers freshly made desserts to satisfy that sweet tooth after a hearty meal. 

Aside from their mouth watering menu selection, Kaffi Vinyl also offers specialty coffees and alcoholic beverages! And believe me, if you're travelling during a rainy spell, a hot cappuccino with almond milk could be a god send! 


Stemming from their musical branding, Kaffi Vinyl now offers live music on selected evenings! Events can be found posted on their Facebook page, or inquire in house! The shop is open until 11pm every night, making it a perfect dinner & entertainment evening out. If you're spending a Friday or Saturday night out on the town, make this your pre-drink before you head to the bars, which stay open until 4:30 in the morning! 

Whether you're looking for a social night out or a quiet lunch spot to do work, this is the place to be. Like most restaurants and bars, Kaffi Vinyl offers free wifi to guests, allowing you to stay connected while you enjoy your delicious dining experience! Regardless of the reasoning behind your visit, you'll always be left wanting more of that tasty lasagna... I can't be the only one...!