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Our Story

My Fit Little Foodie first began as a passion project. As a young university student studying Human Kinetics, I created My Fit Little Foodie simply as a tool to showcase  healthy eating habits through the means of an Instagram page. As I became enthralled by the ever-evolving vegan community, this Instagram page grew to become an online blog. The webpage soon became a home for healthy recipes, advice, features, and more. And with a little nudge in the right direction, it wasn't long before My Fit Little Foodie acquired a new type of home - a pop-up location in Downtown Georgetown. Here we spent the better part of 2017 becoming a welcomed addition to the community; providing exciting new meal options for those in need. As fate would have it, 2018 had other plans for us, and we took our business "on the road." Now operating strictly as a short term Pop-up, we are able to provide on site catering as requested. Our mobility has changed our business structure, and we couldn't be more pleased! You can find our events here, AND you can book us today for any catering, pop-up, or meal delivery needs. My Fit Little Foodie is in a business of evolution, and we'd love for you to join us!